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Snowflakes ABA

Guiding Individuals on Their Unique Paths

At Snowflakes ABA, we empower individuals with autism or other disabilities to be their best and overcome their challenges using ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). Each person has a unique path they are travelling, and our purpose is to help bring joy and fulfillment to their lives by teaching essential skills that aid them on that journey.

Our Programs

Compassionate Care, Awesome Outcomes

In-Home ABA Therapy

Convenient 1:1 therapy sessions with our caring and supportive therapists. We work closely with families to build and teach new skills that help our clients reach their full potential.

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Parent Training

We collaborate with parents, siblings and caregivers to identify goals important to not only our learners but to the family as a whole. We routinely coach and support families on approaches that lead to the best outcomes.

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Our Story

Founded by a mother of a child with autism, Snowflakes ABA was established to provide the highest quality and ethical ABA services possible to people with autism and other developmental disabilities. We have walked in your shoes and understand first-hand the challenges you are going through. With a personal connection to autism, we consider the treatment of our clients near and dear to our hearts and do our best to help our families achieve growth and success.

How We Help

Using evidence-based practices, ABA is a treatment toolbox of many methods that have been researched and replicated by scientists since the 1960s and improved upon across the years. We strive to establish and develop a variety of skills that may be a deficit in individuals with autism, including language, social skills, self-help skills (including toileting), executive functioning, play and leisure skills along with ameliorating behaviors that may hinder the skills from taking shape.

Evidence-Based Approach

Functional Behavior Assessment



Discrete Trial Training

Antecedent-based Intervention

Task Analysis

Naturalistic Interventions

Pivotal Response Training


Social Narratives

*A comprehensive ABA program will utilize multiple strategies, but should only include interventions that are evidence-based.

“Everyone has a mountain to climb and autism has not been my mountain, it has been my opportunity for victory.”

Rachel Barcellona

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